Frequently Asked Questions

About Dentures Today

  • What is Dentures Today

    Dentures Today is a denture replacement club specializing in advanced dental care for existing and first time denture wearers.

  • Why Doesn’t My Dentist Offer This?

    Our provider dentist network is growing quickly! Although we may not partner with your dentist yet, we would be thrilled to. Please contact us now for more details on sharing the Dentures Today experience with them. In the meantime, we are able to conveniently refer you to one of our active providers for your denture care.

  • Why Dentures Today?

    With other providers, getting into new dentures is expensive and requires multiple trips to the dentist. As a Dentures Today club member, we make it quick and easy while always providing the best care. If your dentures ever become lost, damaged, or worn, you will have easy access to fast and affordable replacements.

  • What is Dentures Today Mobile Unit?

    Dentures Today Mobile is a white-glove denture service that comes directly to you! Our dental professionals will visit your residence or office to provide the full Dentures Today experience. Not all cases qualify and may require you to visit a provider dentist. Call us to find out if you are a candidate.

Your Visit

  • Is it safe to book an appointment now?

    The safety of our members and team are top priority. Read about the steps we are taking here.

  • How long do appointments take?

    We schedule appointments with enough time to make sure you get the best care while remaining comfortable and safe. Your initial consultation will generally take about 30 minutes and any on-going appointments average about 60 minutes.

  • When should I arrive for my appointment?

    If it’s your first visit with us, plan to arrive 15 minutes early to check in. All existing members should arrive right when you are scheduled.

  • How do I get started?

    Once we receive your contact information, a member of our team will reach out to you directly to schedule an appointment. Or, contact us to sign up for a free consultation and get ready to smile confidently again!

Our Dentures

  • What are your dentures made out of?

    We use all high-grade FDA cleared materials that provide you a strong and beautiful denture.

  • What will my new dentures look like?

    Dentures Today offers a variety of denture material options ranging from standard to premium. Once our team better understands your needs, we are happy to show you samples and point you in the right direction.

  • My current denture doesn’t fit, can you help me?

    Yes! Using your existing denture, your Dentures Today provider can capture the new shape of your gums, helping us produce replacements that fit you great with no relines or adhesives. The process is easy and affordable. We guarantee your first Dentures Today replacements will fit perfectly, or it’s on us.

  • Will I need to reline my replacement?

    Typically no, but in some cases minor adjustments are needed and will be done by your Dentures Today provider at no charge within the first 30 days.

  • What if I want to change the color of my existing dentures?

    No problem! We know dentures sometimes become discolored and worn over time, or maybe you just didn’t like the original shade in the first place. As a club member, you can refresh your dentures on-demand and select from a number of different teeth and gum shade options.


  • How Much Does It Cost?

    Because every patient is unique, our fees are subject to change based on your specific clinical need. We tailor our services and pricing to fit your needs. Contact us for any questions about specific services.

  • Do you take insurance?

    Absolutely. We accept all major insurance plans, however some may be out of network with us. All members are responsible for paying at the time of service and our team will do all the work to submit your claim for reimbursement.

  • How do your memberships work?

    To get started, your first year is $149 and includes a clinical exam and 3D scan. Your membership renews annually for $99, providing you access to your digital denture data and low cost denture replacements. For additional information and more pricing options, click here to get started.

  • Can I Use my FSA/HSA?

    Yes, you can!


  • How fast do you ship?

    Our revolutionary technology allows us to 3D scan and maintain records of your dentures for quick and easy replacements. In most cases, replacements are shipped to you within 72 hours.

  • Where do you ship?

    We ship anywhere in the USA

  • Do you offer free shipping?

    Yes we do!

Don’t See Your Question?

Our team is happy to assist you with information about our services. Call us or email us at and we’ll reach out to you!