Dentures are cool now, we have proof: 4 of our fave female denture influencers

Go on, name your niche. We’ll give you the online community to cater to it. From lace making to sleep-walking, there's an active group on the internet collectively working toward making it more accepted, appreciated, and dare we say... loved by society at large. And that includes the denture world. You see, visibility matters. We are a living species who tend to fear the things we don’t understand, meaning that with a little attention to detail and a lot of viral TikTok content, dentures no longer have to be a source of grief. Wouldn't it be cool if readjusting your uppers during dinner didn’t make the people seated at the next table balk? Imagine a world in which you are accepted– dentures in or out? We like this world. We want to exist in this world with you. And right now, that world is manifesting on the internet. Denture influencers are out there, at large, and going viral. They are fearlessly putting their own insecurities on display for a higher purpose, and that is to normalize dentures and minimize the shame associated with wearing them, and that is a mission we can absolutely get behind. 

Care to join us? Here are 4 incredible denture influencers you need to follow now: 

Lily Magno

Wearing dentures at 25 isn’t easy to navigate, but Lily brings humor and positivity to the experience on her Tik Tok, Instagram, and recently launched Podcast. After losing two of her front teeth due to trauma following a skateboarding accident, Lily turned a negative into a positive, curbing her online content to normalize denture wear and create a community around embracing our perceived flaws. Watch her navigate dating, socializing, and more in her viral vids which are guaranteed to make you giggle. 

Princess Glitter Head

You may have already seen her popular before and after videos on TikTok. Alicia, a viral beauty influencer from New York, has something that sets her apart from the crowd– she wears a full set of dentures! Experiencing severe tooth loss after pregnancy, Alicia turned to makeup as a way to take the focus off her mouth. Now she’s wowing the internet with full beauty glow-up videos that feature the pièce de résistance– upper and lower dentures. Alicia’s videos may seem shocking at first to the denture illiterate, but for those of us rocking partial or full sets ourselves, she is doing the lord's work, and we thank her. 

Alex Sandroski

We can’t do a roundup of our favorite influencers without mentioning [our girl] Alex Sandroski! Alex’s Tik Tok is such a great and informative hub for denture content, giving her audience an honest look into what wearing a full denture set day to day is really like, and answering earnest and not so earnest questions along the way. If a denture mentor is what you’re in the market for, Alex is your new virtual pal. 


Kal’s denture-theme youtube channel is ripe with informative videos covering everything you ever wanted to know about dentures from the perspective of the patient. Kal’s videos are honest and friendly, and her comment sections are filled with people just like you sharing their own unique denture experiences, trading tips and advice. Follow her on instagram to get a nudge when she releases new videos.

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